2.0 First Project

Creating your First Project in CLOUD Dashboard
Here we describe a step-by-step process to creating a new KostaCLOUD Project and making a simple singlet.
First we ask that you navigate to the CLOUD Dashboard.
Create a new Folder by clicking "
" and then "
". Call this Folder: "Getting Started", and create it by clicking
Creating a new Folder.
Navigate into this folder by clicking on the Folder's Name "Getting Started"
When hovering over Getting Started, you should see an underline appear.
Create a new Project by clicking "
" and then "
". Name the Project "Singlet", and create it by pressing
New Simulation Project Modal
Under Current Directory, right click "Singlet" and press
Right clicking options
Now wait for the workspace to load up in your new tab. Once it is done loading it should look alot like this:
Initial load of new Workspace

Making the Singlet

The first thing you might notice is that your scale-bar is quite large. It defaults to 250mm. For this example lets zoom in with the mouse-wheel or trackpad to bring it to about 5mm.
Zoomed in Workspace
Next click on the
Button to insert a lens at the current camera location.
Lens Blank in the Workspace
Now that you have a Lens Blank in KostaCLOUD, let's give it some curvature. To do this click on the Lens with your mouse. Your properties should look something like these below (It is ok if your numbers are not exactly the same as mine)
Lens Properties
Within the Quick Access Section, click on Surface 0's "R" field, which corresponds to the Radius of the Conic Surface, delete the current "inf" value and replace it with "10mm" or you can also just try "10" and you should get a Lens that looks like the following:
Lens with a 10mm Radius

Tracing a few Rays

Now lets trace a few rays by clicking on the
Tab in the Nav Bar. Your screen should look like this:
Simulation Tab
Now you are in the Simulation Tab. Click Trace, and Viola!
Now you have a Singlet!

Changing Imaging Parameters

To change the Entrance Pupil Diameter, you simply have to click on the blue background, and the settings for the Workspace Mode will show up (which is applicable to every Mode). You can see there are several Trace Modes, which can allow you to change from Imaging Analysis to Illumination or Laser/Cavity. We can change the Entrance Pupil Diameter by setting
to something else such as 5mm. And by pressing trace again you should get something like this.
Larger EPD